• If you are a business, your first business listing will be at the full rate for the listing – $100 per year.  If the business has a sub or secondary business, other businesses can be listed for the sub or secondary business fee – $40 per sub or secondary business.
  • For an association (a community organisation or association) – $40.
  • For an individual person, joining as a supportive member of the community – $20.

These fees may be reviewed and changed as required by YAI.

Any business or association which is a member of the YAI is entitled to a listing on the YAI website without any further charge, except where additional costs are incurred to the YAI.

Please understand that by completing your listing the Yungaburra Association Inc. (“YAI”) undertakes that the listing will only be published after it has been reviewed by YAI and your membership accepted.  Your listing will be required to meet certain criteria, including:

  • You warrant that there is nothing that could be deemed offensive or degrading to others, including other persons who have provided listings on the site.
  • The listing is only to highlight a single specific business/association and is not to refer to other businesses or associations.
  • The listing is only to be from a business or organisation which is in the catchment area of the YAI.   This includes the townships of Yungaburra, Barrine, Lake Eacham, Peeramon and Tinaburra.  YAI may refuse to accept a listing from any business or organisation outside the catchment area.

Any business seeking to claim a free listing on the website will only be able to enter a contact number within the description field.  For a free listing, no other images or links to websites or social media will be permitted.

YAI reserves the right to decline a listing of any business/association/individual for any reason whatsoever.  The YAI is not required to provide a reason for not accepting the listing.