The Yungaburra Association Inc. Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

YAI Privacy Statement

The Yungaburra Association Inc. will always collect any required personal information from you directly. We are required to collect personal information including name, contact details for our membership register. The YAI will not sell or divulge this information to any other person. If you would like a copy of the YAI Privacy Policy, or want to know the information we hold in your name or change that information, please contact:

the YAI Secretary via email: [email protected].

Yungaburra Association Inc. General Disclaimer:
Yungaburra Association Inc., its officers, volunteers and agents will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from use of the Yungaburra Association Inc., website or any other related website. Every effort will be made to ensure that information on the website is accurate and correct, no warranty or guarantee is given by The Yungaburra Association Inc., as to the accuracy of such information, and no liability will be accepted for loss or damage arising out of the use of such information.