On May 29, the Yungaburra Community Rotunda was officially opened. Located in Bruce Jones (Market) Park, this rotunda was funded with community money through fundraising by Yungaburra Beautification Inc. It is available for both private and public events, has power available, and lighting (both mood and colored) for the evenings.

You can book this Rotunda below.

The rotunda is available for hire for bands, weddings, parties and private or public events

Lighting is available in the evenings with a color scheme or just white. Power is also available in 10 and 15 amp. 3-phase power is available on request.

Check the Calendar below for Availability

Frequently asked questions

How to Book

If you’d like a Sunday event, please contact Yungaburra Beautification at y.beautification@gmail.com as these are usually pre-booked for community events.

Bookings with under 50 guests go through Yungaburra Beautification

Bookings with over 50 guests to apply for a permit from Tablelands Regional Council.

Booking form links are below.


Booking Guidelines

If you’d like to hire this beautiful rotunda, there are some rules that will help keep this rotunda in good condition for everyone.

These are banned in and around the rotunda:

  • Cooking or portable BBQs
  • Paint or craft items whether powder or wet
  • Confetti of any kind including rice, petals etc
  • Smoking
  • No fixing items to the rotunda, whether temporary or permanent tape, pins or other types of fixings

These rules may seem obvious but with your help, we can keep the rotunda a proud centrepiece for the whole community to enjoy.





Although Yungaburra Beautification Inc does it’s best to book an event and places it in the calendar of events, we have no control over public use.

If you find somebody is using the rotunda at the time you have booked, please approach them and let them know the rotunda is previously booked for your event.

There will also be signage of upcoming events in the rotunda itself so that the public is aware of a booking.

Most people are understanding if they realize a booking has been made.



There is no specified time period.

If over 50 people, the processing fee will be $200 through TRC

If under 50 people, there is a donation to Yungaburra Beautification of $50

Costs include power and lighting if required.

Types of Uses

There is no limit to the types of events that can be used in the Rotunda.

  • Private or public events
  • Weddings and/or wedding photos
  • Musicians, solo or bands
  • Birthdays
  • Family Gatherings
  • Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes

And any other event you would like.

Events it may NOT suit:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Parties that have music later into the night
  • Bucks/Hens Nights
  • Alcohol Parties

If the event will have under 50 guests, booking is through Yungaburra Beautification.

If the event is over 50 guests, a permit is required through Tablelands Regional council.

Application form links are below.



For an event with over 50 guests:

For an event with under 50 guests: