Yungaburra Bowls Club

Yungaburra Bowls Club

Yungaburra Bowls Club“Come and Try Day” each year, which is a lot of fun for young and old and everyone in-between.

The Yungaburra Bowls Club is a great club to be part of. It is a small rural club and very friendly. We have a lot of fun and enjoy the game of lawn bowls. The social life of lawn bowls is very enjoyable. Our members love visitors. We get quite a few grey nomads who would rather play bowls up here in the warmth of winter instead of being down south. Guests are always welcome to come along and give the game of lawn bowls a go. We are a small club and would welcome new members with open arms.

Yungaburra Lawn Bowls
We have two coaches who are members at Yungaburra and are available to show people the basics of lawn bowls.

Yungaburra Bowls Club

Coach Bernie Dobe & Coach Doug Sweedman

The Yungaburra Bowls Club hold games every Wednesday afternoon – Mixed Social (club selected), Friday afternoon – Jackpot Pairs (self selected open pairs) and the first and third Saturday afternoon – Triples (self selected open triples). Membership as of the 31st December, 2013 is $80 and Green Fees are $10 which includes afternoon tea. We also have an open “Come and Try Day” each year, which is a lot of fun for young and old and everyone in-between.

Yungaburra Bowls Club
Jeanette Molloy & Edna Bauld

The Ladies Patron, Edna Bauld who is 94 years young; is still enjoys the odd game of bowls and this is her bowl coming to rest right near the jack – In fact; you can see a white mark on the bowl which represents touching the jack – “the perfect shot”.

Yungaburra Bowls ClubAlec Williams, Robyn Williams, Bob Pritchard

Alec Williams, at the age of 86, is the oldest playing male member, and still plays regularly every week. Robyn Williams, Publicity Officer – enjoys putting all the bowls notes; results, upcoming events etc into the papers each week and putting a weekly newsletter together for the members. It is very satisfying. Bob Pritchard is a Life Member of the Yungaburra Bowls Club and has been at the club for many years and has worked very hard voluntarily for all of them. He is a great ambassador for our club. He always greets everyone with a smile and just loves his bowls and the people around him.

Come along and give the game of lawn bowls a go!

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