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The Dam Outrigger Canoe Club

The Dam Outrigger Canoe Club was formed in 2009 and is a thriving group of keen people who pursue fitness and enjoy the beautiful water of Lake Tinaroo.

The members meet at Tinaburra on Mondays and Thursdays after work at 5.15pm and paddle until dark at around 6.30pm, then gather around 6.30am on Saturday mornings for a longer training session. On weekdays we enjoy glorious sunsets and Saturday mornings we spot platypus as we skim the water silently with the pelicans.

We have two OC6s and a collection of OC 2s and OC1s for club members use. Paddles and coaching are also supplied. If you would like to join us contact us through our Facebook page  –

The Dam Outriggers Canoe Club
From the front of the canoe:
Secretary Jill Holland in seat 1, Sheryll Oliver Treasurer in seat 2 and President Jo Barnes in 3, Paddlers Larry and Bronwynne are in 4 and 5, and our steerer/ coach Andrew in seat 6

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