Welcome to the Beautiful Yungaburra Photo Contest Entry Form - Commencing 28 April 2021 to 31 May 2021


    The contest will be conducted throughout the month of May 2021 where anyone from primary school age and older will be able to upload their best images to apply for the competition. Prizes will be given for the best entries from primary schoolers, high schoolers, adult amateurs and adult professionals. Please note that many of the entry images may be displayed on the Yungaburra.com website and some may be used in future promotions by the Yungaburra Association Inc.

    The three main categories of the competition will be:

              - People having fun in and around Yungaburra
              - The Animal and Insect World in and around Yungaburra
              - Beautiful Scenery in and around Yungaburra

    Everyone is welcome to enter. If you wish to enter your best images, please complete the application form below to be eligible for great prizes, to be awarded after the conclusion of the competition. You can upload up to five images for each entry form submitted.


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