Yungaburra Beautification Project

Yungaburra Beautification Project

Beautification Project Some of the Yungaburra Beautification Project: Shane Bisseker (Parks and Gardens TRC), Enaide Freeman & Anna Nielsen (members of the Beautification Committee) and Cr Rod Marti

Following a meeting at Nick’s Restaurant re “ Yungaburra on the Move”, a beautification project was suggested involving scrolled poles installed on the footpaths with colourful hanging baskets in the town area. Sue Fairley, Anna Nielsen and Michelle Frainey willingly put up their hands and they were joined by Enaide Freeman and Mary Cooney to form the Yungaburra Beautification Project Committee under the Yungaburra Community Association. The YCA willingly contributed $2000 towards the project with the balance to be raised by the committee.

The group was incredibly fortunate to have Division 4 Councillor Rod Marti and Shane Bisseker, Coordinator Parks and Gardens both from TRC willingly come on board. These two gentlemen along with Mac from TRC were incredibly supportive and TRC became a partner in the project. The first 5 poles were constructed and installed by TRC and the baskets were funded by the beautification committee through the YCA funding. The 10 planted hanging baskets were provided at a subsidised rate by Yungaburra’s Lakeside Garden Centre.

Councillor Rod Marti said that “Yungaburra’s hanging pots were a welcome initiative driven by the community. The beautification of the village has the support of the YCA and the Yungaburra businesses, and the Council is very happy to be a partner. We expect the staged introduction of hanging baskets will both enhance the village feel and further add to Yungaburra’s charm. It shows how a simple community idea can get by in from local businesses and value add.”

“Local barber, Linda Pratt of the Hairstop in Kehoe Place, was an early recruit to the project. With her love of gardening and willingness to water and care for the plants in the hanging baskets outside her shop, she has been rewarded with the fulfilment that comes from participating in a local project. As well as highlighting her business location, Linda has found that the project brings together many of the locals and the various organisations that work to promote the town. Linda said that she always receives positive comments from visitors and customers about the baskets and the village feel for which Yungaburra is renowned. “

In order to ensure that the baskets are watered on a regular basis, businesses and the wonderful volunteers at the Yungaburra Visitor Information Centre offered to make particular baskets their responsibility. The trial worked well and there have been many favourable comments about the project. A further 6 poles and 12 baskets have now been installed. These will be paid for by the YCA funding. Lindsay Reedman from Reedman’s Sheetmetal constructed these poles and they have been installed by TRC. Once again Yungaburra Lakeside Garden Centre have made up the new baskets at a greatly reduced cost, and the committee especially Enaide Freeman have replanted the old ones.

Another dedicated group of locals including Lyn Williams, Marion Watson, and Pauline Sweedman has taken on a separate project where they have spent considerable hours planting up Williams Park mainly with bromeliads as well as creating impressive gardens in Allumbah Park. It was a great shame that they recently had many of their bromeliads stolen. We too have had a basket go missing as has one of the local businesses. However, people have kindly donated plants and in our case Linda at Lakeside Garden Nursery replaced our basket for free.

The trial, with 5 poles and 10 baskets, worked well with many favourable comments, paving the way for the further installation of more poles and baskets. Currently 11 scrolled poles and 22 hanging flower baskets have now been installed on the streets of Yungaburra. It is hoped to eventually increase the number of poles to 20 with 40 hanging baskets. The Committee has also undertaken the task of painting and replanting some of the Council cement tubs on the footpaths.

In order to raise funds for this project to install further poles and baskets, to repaint and replant a number of the large cement tubs in the streets, and to ensure the continual maintenance can be carried out, the YCA Beautification Committee is running regular BINGO sessions every Wednesday morning from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm (tickets on sale at 9.00 am) at the Yungaburra Hotel lounge. We have loads of fun, a yummy morning tea and there is a great group of regulars who attend. We encourage others to join them and support our very worthy cause. Goose clubs will also be run during the year as well. Our first Goose Club at Yungaburra Hotel raised $942 and thanks go to our generous sponsors of prizes. The Committee has also gratefully received a donation of $200 from the proceeds of the Quiz night run by The Friends of St Marks.

The Committee is very grateful to the Tableland Regional Council, Lakeside Garden Centre, Lindsay Reedman, Yungaburra Visitor Information Centre, Eacham Times, NutriGold Worm Farm, Northern Herald, Yungaburra Hotel, Foodworks, Yungaburra Post Office, The Friends of St Marks, Businesses and the Community for their dedication and support for the project, which will enhance the town of Yungaburra.